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  • How much does shipping cost?
    We use USPS First Class Package International Service for shipping. We charge flat fees for shipping to make it easier (don't forget we also offer free shipping for certain purchases!). Shipping costs are: - United States: $4 - Canada: $12 - International: $16
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes! We currently offer free shipping for any U.S. orders over $100, or any international orders over $200! Please note that due to USPS restrictions, we are unable to offer free shipping to any countries where the USPS has suspended First Class Package International Service (FCPIS). For the current list, please see the following link:
  • What countries do you ship to?
    We are able to ship to almost any country in the world! However, there are a few exceptions. We are unable to ship to any countries that are sanctioned by OFAC. Currently, this includes: - Cuba - Iran - North Korea - Sudan - Syria
  • How long will my order take to arrive once shipped?
    We ship from the west coast of the U.S. While we cannot guarantee any shipping times with the USPS, estimated delivery times after shipping are: - Shipping to west coast U.S.: around 2 days - Shipping to midwest U.S.: 3-4 days - Shipping to the east coast U.S.: 5 days - Shipping to Canada: 1-2 weeks - Shipping internationally: 3-5 weeks Please also note that international shipments are particularly hard to estimate, as they are dependent on customs and local post office staffing levels. Germany is typically one of our longest delivery times, often taking 7-8 weeks due to the local post offices.
  • What is your return policy?
    Regular shop items: - We strive to make the highest quality pieces we possibly can! Because of this, all sales are final. However, if you receive a piece that you believe to not be your style after receiving it, feel free to reach out. In some instances at our discretion, we may be able to perform an exchange or store credit. Please note that all shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. If a mistake is ever made by us in shipping a piece (such as sending the wrong item), we will exchange or refund our mistake! Custom orders: - We will settle on a design with you before creating the custom order, but no two pieces will ever be identical! We do our best to make the piece as close as possible to a design you like, or to an idea we have discussed. Because this piece is customized to you (and in many cases may use a stone you provide), we do not offer returns or exchanges on any custom orders.
  • What happens if my stone or package gets lost or stolen during shipping?
    Fortunately, in the many years I have been making jewelry, I have had almost no instances of packages getting lost or stolen, although it can happen in rare cases. My shipping practices: - I do my best to ensure that all pieces I ship are well packaged, and that the label is firmly on the package so that I don't cause any issues with the package during transit! - I also take responsibility for your stone while it is in my possession. If I have received a stone you are shipping and misplace it for any reason, I will do my best to compensate you for a fair value of your stone; however in the many years I have been making jewelry, I have never misplaced or lost a customer stone! - I have you send any stones you are having me make into a custom design to a P.O. box, which eliminates any mail theft from our mailbox, and also typically means an even better chance that the package will be delivered appropriately (instead of maybe being accidentally put in a neighbor's mailbox!). - I also take any packages I'm shipping to you and drop them off either directly in a USPS box, or directly inside the Post Office itself, instead of using my mailbox for outgoing shipments. For lost packages: - Start by contacting the USPS, and determining if they can call the last known distribution center to look for the package. - Please keep in mind that for international shipments, some countries take a VERY long time to process shipments. This doesn't necessarily mean your package is lost; it can simply mean that it's held up in customs, or waiting at a distribution center to go overseas with other packages, etc. - If you live in an apartment complex, check with the leasing office. There have been several occasions where packages were delivered to the leasing office or a shipping office for an apartment complex, and they hold it for you there until you pick up. - Check your mailbox. Because we use the USPS, our packages are rarely delivered to your front door, and are typically delivered to your mailbox. You should generally be able to see in the tracking information where it was delivered to. - Contact me for assistance! I'm happy to call the USPS in addition to you and try to have them find the package. - While we aren't financially responsible if your package gets lost, please reach out! We may decide (at our discretion) to remake and ship a new piece for you if possible. For stolen packages: Let's be honest; mail theft sucks. There's not a lot we can do on our end about someone stealing a package from your mailbox or front porch, and we aren't financially responsible for any stolen packages, as that's out of our control. However, if you're worried about potential mail theft, or if your package shows that it has been delivered, and you haven't received it, here are a few things to do: - If you are worried about a package being stolen, when you order your jewelry, put in a friend or family member's address instead that you feel would be safer for delivery, and pick it up from them. - Check the tracking number regularly for the estimated delivery date, and make sure someone is home to get the package from the mailbox on delivery day. - Check with your neighbors. It's possible the package was just misdelivered. Our jewelry is shipped in a purple bubble mailer that is 9" x 7" in size, so you can describe it to them. - Check your mailbox. Because we use the USPS, our packages are rarely delivered to your front door, and are typically delivered to your mailbox. You should generally be able to see in the tracking information where it was delivered to. - Reach out to us! While we aren't financially responsible for mail theft, we may (at our discretion) attempt to remake and ship a new piece for you if possible. - Report the incident to your local police department.
  • How long are your pieces designed to last?
    If taken care of, they should last forever! All of our pieces are made with high quality wire from Riogrande. These are not costume pieces that will chip away or rust over time. We use high quality materials in our designs, and with proper care and use, they should last for generations.
  • How do I care for my jewelry?
    Gold and Rose gold jewelry require very little maintenance. They generally should remain bright, and only require cleaning if they get dirty. Copper and silver jewelry will oxidize (darken) over time, but can easily be made bright, shiny, and beautiful again by gently rubbing with the polishing cloth provided with every order! Please note that certain stones used in designs (such as certain coated beads, resin, or opals) are NOT safe to use any jewelry cleaning solutions on! These types of stones are very porous, and submerging them in cleaning solutions or even water can permanently damage the stone. Generally, if a piece is dirty, you should be able to use a slightly damp cloth to clean off the piece, then polish after the piece is dry. If you have any questions on cleaning, please reach out!
  • What kinds of wire do you use in your pieces?
    We use high-quality wire from Rio Grande! We use the following types of wire in our designs: - Solid copper wire - 925 Sterling silver wire - Silver filled wire - 14k Gold filled wire - 14k Rose gold filled wire *Note: While we currently only purchase 925 Sterling Silver wire and most silver pieces are now made with 925 Sterling Silver wire, some pieces may use a small amounts of silver filled wire in the design from before we switched.
  • What is the difference between plated wire and filled wire?
    Great question! - Plated wire is the cheapest form of precious metal wire. When wire is plated, a very thin coating of precious material (such as gold) is laid over the top of a much cheaper material; typically copper. This allows for a very inexpensive cost, but is not very durable. Because of this, we do not use plated wire in any of our designs, even for custom requests. We want all pieces to last for decades to come! - Filled wire is a huge step up from plated wire! While the core of the wire is still typically a material such as copper, the coating on the wire is usually over 100 times thicker than plated wire. With filled wire, usually 5% of the wire is made up of precious material, and the rest is copper. This still offers a very large cost savings vs pure precious metal wire, but due to the coating being very thick, it is incredibly durable, and nicks and dents to the jewelry will not pierce through the precious metal layer. We use filled wire for all gold and rose gold pieces.
  • I have sensitive skin. Do you offer hypoallergenic options?
    Absolutely! While copper jewelry is not suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, all of the rest of our jewellery is hypoallergenic! All silver earrings are made with stainless steel hooks, and 14k gold/rose gold earrings have earring hooks made from 14k gold/rose gold filled wire. Stainless steel, gold, and rose gold are all hypoallergenic. For pendants, all silver pendants come on a stainless steel chain, and all gold/rose gold pendants come on a matching 14k filled chain.
  • Do your designs contain nickel?
    All of the wire I use in my designs is high quality wire from Rio Grande. I use solid copper, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold-filled, and Rose Gold-filled wire, none of which contain any nickel. You can read about the wire quality and nickel content on Rio Grande's informational page here: - My Gold-filled and Rose Gold-filled necklace chains are high quality and come from Rio Grande just like my wire. They do not contain nickel. - The copper chains I use are made from iron, and are red copper plated. They are sourced from Amazon, and while they do not state they contain nickel, I don't have a way to verify. - For my silver pieces, I use a stainless steel chain. Like the copper chain, this also comes from Amazon, and while it does not state that it contains nickel, I don't have a way to verify.
  • What are your custom order policies?
    We love collaborating with you to create a unique handcrafted design that is personalized to your tastes! When requesting a custom order, there are a few things to note: - In order to ensure we get as much detail as possible about your request, we ask for a number of details up front to assist us! Please visit the following link to our "Request A Custom" page for more details, and to submit a request! Request a Custom Order | Elegantly Entwined - Free shipping can still apply! Just like with all regular pieces, if your custom piece is over $100 (in the U.S.) or over $200 (internationally), it will ship for free. - Sales, discounts, and promotions do not apply to any custom order requests unless explicitly stated. - Due to the unique personalized nature of custom orders, once created they are non-returnable and non-refundable. We do our absolute best to follow your specifications as closely as possible when making the design! - In most cases, a nonrefundable deposit is required. Typically, we will attempt to give a cost estimate or price range for your completed piece, and we will do our very best to stay within that range. Because the amount of time is not known until after the piece is finished, we typically require a $100 deposit up front, which is nonrefundable. Once the piece is finished, this $100 goes towards the final price of your piece! If you do not complete the purchase within 30 days of completion, you will lose the deposit and the piece may be listed for sale on our site. This protects us from spending a lot of time making a customized piece, only to have the buyer drop out once it is finished. - Custom orders are typically made and shipped within 2 weeks of receiving the security deposit. This time may occasionally increase during busy holiday seasons, and we will do our best to let you know this up front before you put down a security deposit. Please note we will not ship a piece until full payment is complete. - Once a design is settled and work has started, we cannot make changes. Completing a design means oxidizing, polishing, tucking in wires, and many other small adjustments! Changes cannot be made after work has started on a piece because of this. - We want your custom order to surprise and delight you when you open the box! Because of this, we do not send completed photos of custom orders, to allow you to enjoy the unboxing experience fully.
  • What kinds of jewelry do you make?
    I make necklaces and earrings in a variety of styles! I do not make bracelets or rings.
  • Can I use my own stone for a custom design request?
    Possibly! One of the most important features to make a stone easy to incorporate is a flat back to the stone. If your stone has a flat back and symmetrical design, there's a high probability it can be used. In order to make sure, take a few photos of your stone in a well-lit environment. You should send: - A photo of front of the stone, showing the shape and size. This should preferably be taken next to a ruler or measuring tape - A photo of the side of the stone, showing the thickness. This should preferably be taken next to a ruler or measuring tape - A photo of the back of the stone - In addition to photos of your stone, please send a few screenshots of a couple of designs of mine that you like that use a similarly shaped stone. To send these photos, you can use the chat bubble on the site, and click the paperclip icon in the lower right corner to attach your photos to see if I can use the stone! Alternatively, you can email the photos to me at Make sure to give details about the design screenshots you're thinking of to go along with the stone!
  • I have a stone that's already set in a ring/necklace. Can you remove it and make it into a new wire-wrapped design?
    I often work with customer-provided stones, however I do not currently have the tools or expertise to remove your existing stone from its setting. If you would like to have me use your stone, do the following: - Send me photos of different angles of your stone in its current setting, to make sure it's something I can work with. We can discuss possible designs and price estimates for what a finished piece would look like/cost. - If I can work with your stone, you will need to visit a local jeweler and have them remove the stone from its current setting. - Reach back out to me, and I will provide shipping instructions for your stone!
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