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This is the final payment towards the price of the listed items. 


For Jana Stinman


MODIFICATION 01/09/24: Customer has changed their mind on the direction of the stones in the pendants. Customer understands this may increase the estimated price a little.

Updated Pendant design 1/9/24: Photo 1, left side (point down)

Updated Earring design 1/9/24: Photo 2, but with point facing down


Original Pendant design: Photo 1, design like the pendant on the left, but with lower stone point up like the right side of the photo

Original Earring design: Photo 2

Pendant stones: Red circular zirconia (top stone), red pear-shaped zirconia (bottom stone)

Earring stones: Matching red pear-shaped zirconia

Wire type: Sterling silver; pendant chain and earring hooks are stainless steel



Rough estimated cost at completion for the pendant/earring set: $400-500 (could be more with modification from 1/9/24)

Actual cost at completion: $484

Final payment amount: $484 - $100 deposit = $384



Pmt. 2/2: Red zirconia pendant and earrings in Sterling Silver

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